Thursday, March 3, 2011

the mrs.

somethings about me, the mrs.

i am a super fast walker, even when i think i'm walking slow i'm in front of people. one thing i've learned...when leading people walk super super slow

i don't like breakfast food. i'll eat it sometimes but i prefer cereal for breakfast over french toast etc...

i have always wanted super long hair. but yet i cut it over and over again which leads me to...

i am impatient and hate hate hate waiting.

sometime at night i get all worked up that i can't sleep or that i only have x amount of hours to sleep that i keep myself up. luckily i have a great mr. who will tickle my back so i calm down enough to fall asleep

i love veggies and when i was little eating veggies with ranch was my treat

i love shoes but hate spending money on shoes so i'll wait and buy cheap ones, which results in my shoes not fitting right/falling apart/or hurting my feet....oh day i'll buy some good shoes!

these are just a few random things i thought about today.

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