Monday, March 21, 2011

the internship experience

so now that it's been over a week since the end of the session i've decided to blog the few pictures i have....

interning at the state capitol was about the best thing ever. i loved everyday up there. i worked for two incredible senators who taught me so much, plus they were best friends and they kept me laughing the whole time.

if i could i'd intern every year. yeah that's how much i loved it.

here is a look at my last day at the capitol

the mr. took a picture of me super early. i left my house at about 7am the last day and got home at 2am.
at least i was awake in the morning.
the kitchen hallway. where usually the sign says "senators only" but to my joy the interns got to eat first. but that was something nice about working in the senate, they always had extra food for us. i loved the pizza, chicken meals, cafe rio, pulled pork, crown burger and all the sweets!
the beloved senate printer....not. this thing was a pain but a lot nicer than having to walk all the way downstairs and into another building for the intern room. you would usually find people hanging out here, always a great place to stop by and talk
oh you know just another bill being presented. this is my view from the intern bench. best seat in the house...whoops senate!
oh look it's me...hard at work of course and with my trusty coke (don't be fooled by the pepsi cup). one great thing about the senate...all the free coke a girl could ask for!
oh look who it is...protesters! always fun to see what people are protesting at the capitol. this happens to be a "grama" protest. don't know what "grama" is? just ask me!
this is katie! another intern from utah state. there were only a few girl senate interns. most of those were democrat interns thus were not around a it was katie and me! i loved getting to know katie and all the other interns. oh katie remember that one time we were on the radio, yeah that was fun!
the protesters moved inside. so it doesn't look like a lot of people but they were making so much noise, i was impressed!
my wonderful badge that got me into all the fun places and secret places at the capitol. this thing saved me so many times, so sad to see it go.
my desk. if i wasn't on the floor or talking to suz you could usually find me here. scheduling, bill tracking, making phone call and all that intern stuff.
one of two great offices i got to hang out in. thats the plus about working for two senators. i spent the majority of my time here, right in the middle of all the action.
just another view of the building i fell in love it. i loved walking in here every morning. and i almost cried walking out on the last night. i know i'm crazy but thats how much i love politics, the senate, and my internship.
two great security guards. check out their red....yep huge utah fans and the ones who gave me my utah lanyard. i loved having the matching utah lanyard with me during the session.
oh look it's senator urquhart presenting. one of the great two senators i worked for.
i took this picture right before i thought i would be going home....but didn't end up leaving the capitol until about 1:15 am. 
good ol' senators going strong till the end.

when i was 12 i went to washington dc. 
there i fell in love with all things politics
i used to say i was going to be the first female senator from utah
it was no surprise to my family that i changed my major to political science

my grandpa taught me how important it is to be involved in government
and everyday i thought of how he'd smile if he knew i was interning for senators
so i may not be the first female senator from utah
but i can promise that i will always be involved in government

maybe one day i'll run for something...or support my mr. when he decides to run
but either way....
i love politics, i love government, and i love being involved.

thanks grandpa for my love of politics
thanks senators for a great internship experience
thanks spence for putting up with two months of none stop intern stories!

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