Saturday, March 19, 2011

something fun and different for you....

so my friend posted the cutest outfit idea on pinterest (thanks michelle) 

of course i had to look it up
and to my surprise found out that everything was so expense. 
the shoes were like $700

so i decided to find my version for a lot cheaper
it was fun to search
i found my ideal comfy outfit on jcrew factory and a few other good stores
now if only i could afford the "cheap" version ;-)

here is the original outfit: 

sweater: $430
shirt: $89
jeans: $230
shoes: $710
bag: $160
glasses: $139
leather bracelet: $8

total: $1766 (wow)

here is my version: 

sweater: $38 jcrew factory 
(i like the idea of a pink sweater with the navy stripe shirt better)
shirt: $19 jcrew factory
jeans: $38 jcrew factory
shoes: $40 gap
bag: $32 gap
glasses: $11 ae
leather bracelet: $13 ae (so this was more expensive, surprising)

total: $191

so i think my cheap version isn't too bad in comparison. i would love to have this outfit...maybe i should save up my money! 

this was fun, i think i'll do more outfit putting togetherness!

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  1. haha I love that you did this. I didn't even look to see how much everything cost! I just really, really want the bag. Well I want the whole things but alas $1766 is just too much...


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