Friday, March 18, 2011

the mrs. gets a haircut

so yes a bunch of random photobooth pictures of me

i cut and colored my hair (well i had someone else do it...)
don't be fooled by these pictures, it's a lot darker than you'd think

i've never gone this dark before
i'm naturally blonde (dirty blonde but same thing)

but the mr. wanted me to try dark brown
yesterday i almost did it
but i got too scared
so i decided to do the phase in
and if i don't like it i can go blonde again

yeah i choose the easy way out.
but it's fun for a change! 

even some random kid for last semester noticed the darker hair!
and good news...
the mr. liked it!

oh and today was craft day with my mom and sis
it was a blast
i'll post about that tomorrow!

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  1. It's cute Sydney! Must be haircut time--I just got one too--a lot shorter, but still blonde. I finally found a hairdresser I like--yeah!!


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