Thursday, March 24, 2011

the list

so the other day spence and i went through out budget.
not a fun activity.
i'm usually the one in charge of the budget and for the most part have tried to save at least 50% of what we make (well what the mr. makes, i don't make much)

you see we are trying to save up a lot of moneys for medical school 
well something happened and we realized we didn't have as much money as we thought
not a surprise for a newlywed couple

so we decided to reevaluate our spending
and surprise surprise we have been spending way too much on dates

so we started making a list of free/cheap date ideas
and now we need your help

i want the list to reach 100 items but we can't think of anything else
help us add to our list
and so we can make a great big list and share it with everybody
well at least newly weds who are interested in free dates too!

here is what we've got so far....
  1. picnic at park
  2. hike (at night with headlamp)
  3. wii at parents
  4. movie night at parents theater
  5. movie and fort
  6. slc library
  7. church museum
  8. temple square
  9. temple date
  10. game night
  11. craft night
  12. play at park
  13. watermelon bowling
  14. swimming
  15. make cookies for someone
  16. babysit
  17. write a story
  18. go for a drive
  19. picnic at home
  20. local art show
  21. outdoor concert series
  22. outdoor movies at capitol
  23. stargazing up canyon
  24. go to a lake
  25. camping at a lake
  26. tv night (watch favorite episodes, ducktails etc...)
  27. Youtube night hooked into tv
  28. make s'mores
  29. go to the zoo
  30. fly a kite
  31. bike ride
  32. pet store/animal shelter
  33. volunteer
  34. breakfast and cartoons in bed
  35. put a puzzle together
so thats the list
now your turn
help me out
comment if you have any great ideas to add to our list!

thanks for the help!


  1. i love going to the park - you can fly kites, feed ducks, throw the frisbee around.... there are lots of fun (and free!) things to do outside :)

  2. Syd, Check out it will blow your mind! G and I get some of our very funnest and cheapest dates from them! pretty sure I spent like 5 hours looking at all their fun stuff the first time I found them.


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