Wednesday, March 23, 2011

the mrs. crafts again

remember these beautiful things....

well i decided to make some of my own
so i made my way to the di and found five gems ($1 each, i know right)
i desk was lacking so i decided to go for girlie (plus i knew if i made something else for the house the mr. might freak out)
here is right after they finished drying
added a button, some ribbon and a wonderful flower (made using the silhouette, which i am still so in love with)

i'm not in love with the flower but i didn't have time to go search for a new one. so for right now it'll have to do

a close up of the bottles. how fun right. and they were so stinkin easy to make. i want to keep searching for great bottles and do this again but this time use more whites and creams!

all in all this craft cost me $7 (bottles and paint) and took about a half hour, super simple!

what should i craft this week???


  1. I love the way this came out! The colors you chose are gorgeous!

  2. Cute Sydney! I just ordered a Silhouette, so do some more with that so I get some great ideas--does it work well with the Mac?

  3. Bah! They turned out so great Syd! What kind of paint did you use? I found bottles but still need to go get paint. Love!


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