Thursday, March 17, 2011

the mrs. found a new site

so new favorite site...


it's like a blog reader but oh so much better

this morning i searched through pages and pages of craft ideas, home ideas, recipes, and so much more.
i planned out my future house
future birthday party
and what i wish i could buy and wear! 

so much fun!

some of my favorite finds of the morning

 the mr. would love love love this little delight. cookie cup with ice cream, i think yes!
 a how to color glass bottles. i think my bedroom needs these. next craft project, anybody want to join me?
i think i've been watching a little too much hgtv, but i just can't resist. and all these colors will be found in my future house! 

if you haven't visited pinterest yet it's a must for all blog lovers! 


  1. LOVE these! The cake looks so good and I just did my first glass vase recently. I absolutely love the colors in the last pic. Planning on doing our bedroom like this.


  2. i totally agree!! i just found pinterest two days ago and im obsessed!!!! i LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!

  3. Ask me if I was on this site all morning and then maybe made a trip to the DI to look for glass bottles? This is why we are friends.


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