Tuesday, April 19, 2011

the mrs. and her dream job

over two years ago i was desperately searching for a job.
a friend got me an interview at a call center
it paid well and i was over qualified
after my interview they offered me the job

at that point i went into the bathroom and cried
i had the most overwhelming feeling that i wasn't supposed to be where i was
i couldn't take the job
but at that point i didn't have anything else
so i sat in that gross bathroom and prayed that i could find something else

that night i remembered a friend who was a nanny for a family in orem
i decided to call her and see if she knew of a another family, just checking
but to my surprise she couldn't work for the family anymore and told me she would call them

well two years later i have grown to love this family and feel like more of a big sister than a babysitter
yesterday was a special day
this cute family welcomed baby #6 into the family
i loaded up #1,2,3,4,5 and visit #6 and we all headed to the hospital 
i loved looking at these kids who have become my little siblings
the boys who make fun of me for having a "ute" sticker on my car and treat me like a big sister (and i love that)
the sweet girl who has more style than anyone i know and can do her hair better than i can
the little boy who has the best laugh in the world and will keep you entertained for hours
the baby girl, who i watched grow up and now tells me stories of how jesus loves her (this makes my heart melt)

these kids have taught me so much
and even more so are their parents 
who are the perfect examples for spence and i
i never wanted a huge family but this one changes my mind about that! 

well we got to the hospital
all ran inside (it was so cute how excited the kids were)
and met baby boy. 
as soon as baby girl saw baby boy she said "it's prince charming"
yep thats the name she gave him.
it was such a special moment watching the family surround the new baby
and oh my goodness he was adorable!
i even got the chance to hold him.
all cute and chubby checks and dark all
i couldn't get enough of that little guy

i am so thankful for the chance i had to work for this incredible family
they were so kind of letting me into their home and their family
they have truly been such a blessing in my life and i love them all

new baby boy...you've got a great family!
and i can't wait to babysit #6!

congrats peterson family!
the mr. and mrs. sure love you guys and are so excited for you!

(this is me and baby boy, excuse the fact that my face looks huge, but oh my goodness this baby...if that doesn't make someone baby hungry i don't know what does!)

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  1. To our dream nanny, friend, big sister: How grateful we are for you and wish you lived closer! You have been such a wonderful part of our family and we'll love you forever! Good thing we love Spencer too--or we might be upset he stole you away :) Love you guys. Thank you so much for watching the kids last week. They were in heaven!


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