Sunday, April 17, 2011

the mrs. is so proud

so life lately has been crazy
basically i spend my day not writing papers (like i should) 
and instead visiting family, working out, babysitting, and med school

so i've turned into the crazy med school wife
i seem to worry about it more than my husband 
i've figured out all the ins and outs of the application 
i've found my favorite schools (based on living areas, closeness to the beach, and shopping!)
i've signed the mr. up for way to many volunteer things
and bugged him with small details
i am bound and determined to get spence into the best medical school possible 

so we have weekly sunday night med-school nights
when we research, plan, and talk about all things med school
tonight as he was searching for clinical work i was trying to narrow down our list of schools
using a helpful table we were advised to apply for 2-3 safety schools, 15 mid range schools and 2-3 long shot schools

the table was divided up as 
1. greens: easy to get in
2. blues: a little harder to get in but still good chance
3. red: long shot schools
based on gpa and mcat scores (we used his most recent practice test score)

well mr. smartie pants over here....
didn't have any red schools
basically that means all schools are in his mid-range or safety school
yeah like i said mr. smartie pants

so as of right now i'm feeling good about things
obviously a lot of other things count besides just gpa and mcat but still...feeling pretty great
gotta love the fact that spence was a great student (unlike his wife)

so my mr.
i'm stinkin proud of you
and in 1 year this will all be over and we'll actually know what we're doing with our life
and you will get into the school of your dreams (i'll do whatever it takes)
but please make your dream school one that is close to the beach, with great shopping and nice apartments!
oh and good luck's almost over!

love you husband, 
love your wife! 
(look how stinkin cute my husband i sure do love this boy!)

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  1. I swear I did the same thing with Steve. I was more worried about the LSAT than he was! Great job on having your top schools all be within reach!


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