Tuesday, April 12, 2011

the mrs. and her girls

today was a beautiful day.
i woke up and got things done at home then headed to home home to spend time with my sick mom
i also started my month of work outs but i'll say more about that one later
my favorite part of the day was driving up to brigham city to have dinner with my besties
i had so much fun with "lo" and "meh"
we chatted about old high school memories

like the one time we were going to have a girls night
but then they both left me alone to be with boys

we chatted about friends, boyfriends, and life

on my drive home i got to thinking of
the last 10 years of friendship.
yeah thats a long time

i met "lo", "meh" and "dru-be" in 7th grade
throughout jr. high, highschool, and college we've seen it all together
even though all three of them ditched me for usu we've stayed close (i've forgiven them for usu)

now i'm a married lady
and dru-b is serving a mission
and meh is student teaching
and lo is designing the world around her

we've grown up but boy am i grateful we've grownup together
these girls have helped me through so much
they've been there in my hardest times and the happiest times
they helped me get ready to get married
and then they helped me get ready to leave the reception
it meant so much to me to have my best friends beside me.

dinner tonight was just what i needed.
sometimes i forget i have such great friends for support
and tonight reminded me how much of a support they are.
i sure love you girls.
thanks for helping me through life!

so i don't have a bunch of old pictures on my computer but i pulled up a few (thanks to meh for many of these)
meh, lo, and me at the u of u's new years party in '08 i believe
remember that crazy dude we met?
dru-b, me, lo, meh
making friendship bread of-course. i love this picture for so many reasons
this was christmas break '09
spence needed to met my best friends.
so we made the trek to logan to visit
and this is us, the girls, in logan, having a blast
just an old one of meh and me. we were glowsticks for a dance. gotta love the crimper!
lo and i at our sbo graduation dinner in '07
i can never get over how incredible beautiful lo's hair is

besides the fact that my face is crazy, i still love this picture
this is right before i left my reception. my two best friends, helping me through it all.
we missed dru-b, of course she had to leave just a few weeks before i got married ;-)

this picture says everything you need to know about the four of us
homecoming senior year
best friends forever (as cheesy as that sounds)

thank you girls for always being there for me
i love dinner tonight
lets do it again soon! okay great!

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  1. ok so i might be biased...but i love this post! dinner was beyond great and we will most definitely have to get together soon. I love all these old pics you pulled out...and mainly i just love you chums!


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