Friday, April 8, 2011

the mrs. is a victim....

have you ever been a victim to bad timing? 

i am...right now
have you heard that the government is going to be shut down?
i know seriously that can happen, i was surprised as well

sometimes i wish i could take over congress and just talk some sense into people
but thats not going to happen

back to the bad timing thing....

i'm going to mexico
with the family
in may

and in order to go to mexico i need a passport with my new name
so i sent in a form to get a new one
and i sent that last week (i know i'm a slacker)
but come to find out the passport agency could be shut down

so maybe no passport???

and then we submitted our tax returns
but they got rejected
because apparently my birthday was wrong
but it really wasn't
but thats not what the government thinks
(after an identity theft scare, found out the agency made a mistake) 

so i rushed to the social security office to get my birthday corrected
because who knows what will happen next week

so really this whole government shutting down thing is no fun
but especially because i need government agencies more right now than i ever have
bad timing i know! 

so i'm praying that everything will work out
and that the government really doesn't have to shut down (though my political side would like it too just so i can study the outcome) 
but i really want my tax return
and i really really want to go to mexico
basically i hate bad timing

at least it's friday! 
happy weekend!

ps. the last few weeks have been craft crazy
a j-crew t-shirt look a like
cute spring wreath
fun pomander balls
and a wall hanging

yeah i have a lot of blogging to do....


  1. i like the new blog look :)
    don't worry, i got a text from CNN saying that they aren't shutting down the government. they came to a consensus on the budget. that was a close one though!
    and i want to see that j-crew shirt look-alike.... stat.

  2. Holy cow! Horrible timing! Can you just get your name changed on the ticket so it matches your current passport??


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