Tuesday, May 3, 2011

a dream come true

my mom called me this morning and asked me to meet her at my dads office
i didn't think anything of it
well thats a lie
i thought "oh hey i get free lunch today"

so i met up with my mom and we were on our way
mom wouldn't tell me where we were going
as we were driving i really had no idea where we were going
and then we got there
and my mom asked if i knew where we were

then i noticed
we were at lyon and healy
the premiere  harp store in slc
and i started to cry
and so did my mom

so today thanks to my parents my dreams came true
i have my very own harp
i can't stop looking at it

i am so grateful to my parents for always supporting my dreams
from when i was 12 and they started me in harp lessons on a little lever harp
to pushing me to practice and work hard
to paying for private lessons at byu (not cheap by the way)
to coming to all my concerts
to carting around a huge harp just so i could play in church/wherever
and now providing me with the chance to continue my dream

mom and dad:
thank you so much
i have no idea what to say to thank you, words cannot express how i feel
so my thanks will be....

practicing all the time
and playing in church
and sharing my talent with those around me
and one day
teaching my little girls to play the harp
and helping them learn how special music is 
and how it can truly touch and heal the heart 

i love my harp
and the mr. loves it too! 
(and he's grateful he doesn't have to worry about buying me one now ;-), all he has to worry about is buying a car that fits a harp...hee hee)
 isn't she beautiful! a chicago concentio grand
 so awkward picture of me, i didn't realize i was being so awkward when the mr. said i was...then i saw this picture oh well!
 i was playing for the mr. and apparently he didn't like my music....thus the laughing
 look how great she looks in our family room. fits right in with the mr. (who is studying of course)

yep, i can't stop looking at my very own harp! anybody need a harpist???


  1. Syd I'm so happy for you!!! And it is beautiful:) You should definitely post a video of you playing so we can hear your beautiful music!

  2. Oh sooo exciting!! You have the sweetest parents (and mister ha) :)
    So happy for you!
    And it is a beeeeautiful harp!

  3. Syd! That is so awesome!! I remember when I found out you played freshman year! I didn't think people really did that! haha

  4. It's so cool that you play the harp! I would love to hear you play. And I am so glad we have the same KitchenAid! I can't wait to get together!


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