Sunday, May 1, 2011

osama bin laden is dead
big exciting news
especially for this political science major
i'm excited to study the outcome of this event
game changer for obama? i'm not so sure
but we'll see

for now...
the mr. and i sit together watching the news
yep we're political junkies and we love exciting news events
big day for the united states
but again the outcomes, the political science person in me is worried that this won't mean much in terms of ending this war

now obama....
thanks but your speech tonight didn't help your popularity much (in the b. family at least)
like a friend of mine said...
"obama needs to cut back on the self praise.
today was the result of the work of 2 administrations and thousands of brave solders"
sorry mr. pres it wasn't just you
and can we thank our friends in the middle east as well for all of their help and support!

and bush...
you are a very respectable man
i look up to you


  1. Totally agree with this!! It was NOT just Obama! So many brave men and women risked/lost their lives, fighting for this goal!


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