Monday, May 23, 2011

wednesday can't come soon enough

do you ever have those times when it seems that life is winning and you are losing?
that's how i feel right about now

the mr. and i are slowing drowning in life
with not enough time to study
not enough time to write papers
not enough energy to clean the apartment
not enough energy to make a good dinner

yep, as of right now life is winning
and leaving me tired, warn out, and losing all ability to finish my paper (which is due in 2 weeks...ahh)
and really not wanting to do anything besides lay in bed

maybe its because we are way too busy for any sane couple
or maybe it's this super depressing weather that takes a bit of my soul with each rain drop

so i think it's not only a good thing but a vital thing that the mr. and i are going on vaca on wednesday

yep thats right

we're packing up in the middle of the last month of the mcat 
and my research week for my capstone
to take a trip to mexico

so yeah we'll be doing homework each day
(spence still has to study like 6 hours a day, and i need to do all my research)
but at least we'll be studying here...
next to our own private pool which is right on the golf course and right next to the beach.
some sunshine, some pool loving, some beach action, and some all around mexican fun is just want we need.

we are so excited to take off with my family for a few days to hang out in mexico! (thanks family for being okay with us studying on our family trip)

lets hope a little tan will help my spirits raise just in time to finish my byu career. 

so life...
you may be winning now.
but watch out, this time next week you will no longer be in charge!


  1. So exciting!!! What part of Mexico?! Studying will seem much more appealing under the sun!
    I seriouly think the depressing weather DOES have something to do with it. I have been feeling the same way as you..but you said it best. Life is winning :(

  2. so jealous that you're heading to warm mexico!!! have fun, and get your tan on for me!


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