Friday, May 20, 2011

just a thought

the other day i was meeting with my professor
he was helping me set up my paper
anyways, during our conversation he mentioned that i was a great writer

what? a great writer???
i have never considered myself a great writer
i have always hated english
i did everything to stay away from englishy majors
but then i decided on pl sci (a ton of englishy stuff)
and i worked my way through
and all the way still thinking i'm a horrible writer

but then the papers got easier to easier 
(maybe because i had to write like a million of them)
and finally here i am in my last class
which happens to be my capstone which means the only grade=30 page theory paper
i freaked out at first about taking this course
but i've really enjoyed it
and apparently i'm a great writer

so the point....
little did i know but all the way through my 4 years at byu i've gained some great skills
you little tricky byu, i had no idea you were helping me become a great writer
so maybe i'm not so horrible as writing as i though

and maybe all the money and time at byu wasn't a complete waste! apparently i did learn something ;-)

isn't if funny how a weakness could become a strength without even knowing it!  


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