Wednesday, May 18, 2011

the mrs. made a blanket

so i attempted my first baby blanket the other day
i tried applique (and i need a ton of practice on that one)
i thought i'd add his name (because who doesn't love having their name on things!)
and even did the binding

i had so much fun but mostly because i was making it for the most adorable baby boy and wonderful family who i love!

we're just going to say i was going for the kid look ;-)
here it is full sized, perfect for a little munchkin
and the back fabric, which i loved! i took me forever to pick out fabric but once i saw these two i was sold
i think it turned out okay for the most part
and i'm excited i got my first one done so now they can just get better


  1. That blanket is adorable! I can't believe it's your first time making a baby blanket *very impressive*

  2. Syd, Your quilt is darling, I love it. You were meant to be a quilter. :)

  3. Next time I have a baby, I am calling you to make them a blanket! Super cute.


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