Tuesday, May 17, 2011

a celebration!

a few weeks ago my dad had a birthday!
and we decided to celebrate with pizza and bowling
but bowling was too crowed so we ended up playing in the arcade

dinner was a blast
we laughed the whole time
i love being together with my fmaily

we spent way too much on coins
so we could play skee ball, ddr, and some basketball

 loving the hoop machine...i totally rocked at this game (maybe because my machine counted a score every time i hit hoop)
 oh the wonderful men in my life. i love my cute brothers so stinkin much!
 and skee ball...i wasn't as good as i remembered. mr. got a few tickets though!
 skee ball is moms favorite! check out how excited she is!
ddr...the most entertaining game. i love megs face in this picture

it was such a fun family night! we are for sure doing this again soon!

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