Monday, May 16, 2011

ahh....we need help!!!

i need your help...
yep this goes out to all the blogging world

as most of you know my mr. is planning on going to med school
currently we have about 40 schools on our list
which is a no go because of the cost of applications.

so this is where you come in
we need advice (or mostly me)
of where to go to med school

do you have a brother/sister/husband/friend who is going to a great med school
did you grow up by one and can tell us about the area
or basically any advice for the application process (which i'm freaking out about)

i'm really hoping we can get some help and advice because currently we're going in all directions!
lets how this call to the blog world helps!

ps. i have some great pictures from a family night birthday celebration a week ago that i can't wait to post! yay


  1. UW is a GREAT school. There is a huge LDS community at the med school. The area is absolutely gorgeous, it may seem pricey but if you look hard enough you can find a great place to live for good price. there is also so much to do and see.

  2. When we were applying for law schools, we took the following into consideration:

    Cost, prestige of the school, location (especially based on where you want to end up after school), and which school has the best program for what he wants to specialize in.

    We were told to choose up to 4 long-shot schools, 4 most likely, and 4 absolutely get into based on the test scores and GPA, etc.

    Best of luck!

  3. I went to high school in St. Louis and got to visit WashU a couple of times. It's a great school and St. Louis is a fun, exciting place to live. My aunt went to the U and loved it, the uncle went somewhere in Maryland but that's because he was in the Army. My cousin currently goes to Johns Hopkins and obviously it's fantastic, it's Johns Hopkins. If you need any advice about the DC/Virginia/Maryland area that's where I grew up and I'd love to help. :)

  4. My dad went to University of Washington, then Duke for his residency. He is my obviously he is the best. Just do that. kloveyoubyeeee.

  5. George Washington is a great med school! You would be in DC near me and Jeff and all of our kiddos and like your friend said up above the schools here are just fabulous. You could even be in our ward!

  6. We LOVED MCV (Medical College of Virginia). It is in Richmond, which is an awesome place to live. It was a long time ago, but I have a cousin who lives in Richmond now and they love it too. I loved, loved, loved, our experience there!

  7. Hey! You don't know me, but I stumbles across your blog through Gretchen's and love reading it:) Anyway, we're starting med school in the fall so I completely empathize with you right now! It is so hard to narrow it down! First off, we bought the MSAR book off of Amazon because it compares every medical school in the nation. But buy it online used so it's cheaper.

    Anyway, we JUST made our final decision and are going to the University of Rochester. It was not a school we'd even really heard of until we got this book. BUT it's REALLY good, has a really high percentage for matching you to the residency you want, and they really like BYU students. It's a great place to live with a strong LDS community.

    There were a lot of other school we looked at, naturally, but this the best fit for us. But seriously my recommendation would be to buy that book. It's fantastic! Good luck!!


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