Sunday, May 15, 2011

the mrs. best friends

guess what is making me smile today...
the fact that my two best friends are getting each other!

i met mj back in 7th grade and we've been best friends since
i met parks in 9th grade (he took me to my first dance) and we've been best friends since
and i introduced parks and mj (yep i'm taking credit!)
and then they became each others best friends

i'm not going to lie and say i wasn't jealous in high school that my two best friends would rather ditch me to be with each other
but now it's all good now because as of last night
they are officially getting married!

i couldn't be more excited to see these two  get married
especially because i know how great it is being married to my best friend
parks and mj are awesome together and i just can't stop smiling i'm so excited for them!
here are some pictures i stole from fbook...
i took this picture because it was taken at my house. i have no idea what mj is thinking of parks at this moment but i love this picture!
this was a big group date we all went on in high school. 80's classic skating. check out mj and parks on the end...yep it was love way back then!
this picture was taken on my computer (i still have about 1,000 more just like it taken freshman year on my computer!) don't you just love their smiles!
and i just love this picture because it is so fitting of their fun personalities. 

i sure love you two and am so stinkin excited!
yay for marriage and yay for best friends getting married!


  1. That is so exciting! I love when two of my best friends get married :) cute blog!!


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