Thursday, May 12, 2011

a blog award...yay!

so the other day cute kelsey from k+c gave me an award!
i wanted to respond right away but...
you have to make a list of random things about yourself that other people don't know 
and i couldn't think of anything to list

but i thought it through and hopefully i can come up with a few things

the rules of the award:
list 7 random facts that people might not know about you (so to get to know each other better!) 
then pass the award along to more lovely blogs

okay my list
1. i have never broken a bone

2. i have traveled to 13 different countries and yet haven't been to my dream country...england

3. when i picture myself i am taller (like 5 inches taller) then when i see a picture of myself with others i'm slightly shocked

4. i name everything, like my bike (howie), my computer (macky) and even my space heater (kyle). i guess i just like things having names

5. i have been biting my nails since before i can remember (a habit i hate) but have recently stopped (for two months now) so lets see if i can keep it up

6. my toe nails don't grow anymore due to all my dancing days, i guess point shoes aren't all they are cracked up to be

7. when i was little my dad was supposed to go work in saudi arabia (my mom talked him out of it...) but i've had this connection with the middle east and i think it's because i was supposed to live there ( i keep trying to talk spence into medical school in the middle east, it's not

okay so now some more lovely blogs


  1. love all of these! especially the one about you trying to talk your husband into going to school in the middle east... that would be incredible! I say take him to Jerusalem and he'll be convinced in no time:)

  2. Med school in the middle east? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha


  3. Sydney! I knew we would be great friends the moment I met you but now that I see you like crafting and quilting I am kinda getting way excited!!!!!!!!! I am so glad I am not the only one out there who likes to make blankets! :) Love the blog cutie, hope you enjoy mine. xoxo


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