Tuesday, May 10, 2011

the mr. and mrs. in st george

oh my goodness i am so behind on blogging...i'll work on catching up this week
st george

we left friday night
on our way i decided i didn't think we should go
it was raining and the drive is long
but the mr. talked me into it and i'm so glad he did

we basically just hung out and did nothing
it was so nice to be together without one of us leaving for something or another
we watched tv
we read books
we cuddled and watched movies
we ate way too much
we went hot tubbing
we laughed at prom that was happening at the club house (though i secretly loved it)
and basically had a great time

here are a few pictures!
 spence was so excited to go to the daughters of utah pioneer museum...or something like that
 prom...before everyone got there...but there is one girl in a huge dress!
 our hot tub...because the real one was broken (that always happens to us) so we turned on the jets and put our swim suits on made our own hot tube, if only we could have seen the stars...oh well!

 self portrait, we tried to get the incredible view in the back ground...this is what we ended up with!
 good thing there is a nelsons in st george, living a block away from one has been a problem...we're addicted...whoops! good thing it's yummy
 in the middle of laughing...because of the creepy dolls in the museum
i really wanted to check out the vintage vibes of the quilt....so i may have climbed over the rope

we sure love st george and love weekends away
too bad all of our weekends from here on out are dedicated to mcat and med school....one day we'll have a break! 

ps. i got a blog award! cute kels is so nice...i'll blog more about that later!

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  1. mmmm i haven't had nelson's since i got married and moved away - i'm a little bit jealous!

    ps. you and your hubby are so cute!


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