Wednesday, June 29, 2011

the 101 on interviewing/dating

during my last month of job searching i've figured out one thing....

job hunting is just like dating
let me explain 

step one: finding options
in the dating/job hunting world you are always looking for options
asking friends and family if they know of anything/anybody worthy of you
looking around town, the internet, and byu
and then you find an option that seems like it might be great
you get their number, them them a little about yourself and if your're lucky....
you get a first date/interview

step two: the first meeting
you are nervous and excited
you've imagined all the possible outcomes of the date/interview
you get ready with plenty of time to really go above and beyond
you want to make a great first impresson
you wear your cutest outfit
and your all ready to make a great first impression
the best is when you finally see your date/interviewer
sometimes you don't know what they look like so it's a little awkward
but you are confident that you look great!

step three: the first date/interview
going back to the basics
you keep your eyes open the whole time, making sure you notice how they are sitting, acting etc...
you laugh when they joke
you nod your head a lot in agreement
you add little stories and tid bits about your own life to show your personality 
make sure you don't talk too much or not enough
make sure you say the proper goodbye, not too friendly but not too cold either (this one is tricky)
send a thank you email/text for the great interview/date (even if it wasn't that great)
sit and wait for them to call you again (if they decide to that is....)

step four: the second interview/date
now this one is just like a second date
you are feeling more comfortable and confident
make sure you don't repeat stories
remember names
and smile a lot

step five: closing the deal
now this step is tricky
sometimes they want you 
and sometimes you want them
but lots of times these two don't match up (this has happened to me a few
don't you hate when this happens
but every once in a while magic happens and guess what
both you and they like each other and an offer is made
sometimes that offer is $$$ and sometimes it is a pretty ring

so there you have it
dating and interviewing = the same thing
i should know...
i've dated a lot (before the mr. of course)
and i've interviewed a ton

lets hope this week ends my interviewing days for a while


  1. Loved this post. Funny, because I wrote something a lot like it a few months ago. :)

    It's true...great minds think alike!

  2. Haha I love it! It's all SO true!
    Good luck on getting a job girl!


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