Thursday, June 30, 2011

little reminders

one day i'm excited to have one of these....
a cute little one learning to run all around
but it's nights/days like today that make me smile that it's just me and the mr.

our upstairs neighbor has visitors 
she is hardly at home, so we hardly hear any noise
well the visitors are home all the time
and have a little one

from her little voice she sounds adorable but
the little pitter patter of tiny feet running back and forth back and forth at 6am
and then again at 1pm when i was attempting to nap was well...
not so adorable.

so one day we will have our own little ones 
but thank you upstairs visitors 
you help remind me how amazing the time with just the mr. and i truly is

so heres to late nights
eating out
impromptu vacas
date nights
alone time
quiet sleeping all night
great naps at anytime during the day
a second room for only my craft things
and so much time with my mr.

life as a newlywed is bliss


  1. this time of life is so fun! i agree, newlywed life is bliss. also, your dating/interviewing post was so funny! and SO true. I loved it. perfect comparison. I'm excited for you and the mr. to find out about med school!!

  2. Sleeping in? What's that? Great post! And congratulations on the job!


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