Friday, July 1, 2011

more big news

so apparently this week is blog without good pictures week....
but it's worth it

this week has been a super crazy one for the mr. and i
from med school applications to job hunting

so now it's my turn for big news
i finally got a job

as most of you know i've been job hunting since about april
middle of may i got serious and started the interviewing process
countless resumes and interviews later i was left on the verge to give up
i had a few job offers 
but the jobs didn't feel right or didn't fit the mr. and mrs. needs
and i had even more rejections 
i was about to give up when...

a cute girl at spencers work told me about the perfect job
i quickly applied (on monday)
had a great interview (on wednesday)
and got an offer (thursday)
and start next week

for the first time during the interview i knew it was where i wanted to work
and i knew i would be great at the job
i left my interviewing wanting the job so bad

and i guess it was the first time for them they knew i was the one for the job too
they were so relieved when i accepted the job
and it turns out its a much better job than any others i applied for and was offered

so moral of my story
the lord really does have his hand in our lives
i knew that my heavenly father would put me in the best situation
little did i know it would be my dream as well

i am so grateful for this process
and the knowledge that heavenly father is truly watching out for us

so there you have it
i'm finally employed
now the mr. can take a breath of relaxation!

and for the next few days i'm taking advantage of summer
like sleeping in
going to the pool
yeah everything!!!!

here's to the life of a big time working girl...
wish me luck!!!!!

oh and 4th of july weekend in jackson hole = perfect!!!
i'm excited to take the mr. up to my favorite place for my favorite holiday
i'll have tons of pictures to post on tuesday when we get back
what are you doing for the holiday?


  1. Oh yay!! Congratulations Syd!
    This is awesome news! Sooo happy for you!
    Have a wonderful weekend :)

  2. I love this! Congrats on the job! And you guys will have so much fun in Jackson!

  3. amazing sydney! congratulations:) that is so exciting!

  4. Congrats! That's wonderful news and a great post!


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