Friday, July 8, 2011

the mr. and mrs. summer break

we were ready for a break......

3 days working full time
3 early mornings
3 new businessy outfits
1 new laptop (now the b household has 3 total, who needs that many?....not us)
1 sick little blonde
the mrs. is now a working girl

too bad i had to start on the week that i got the annual summer cold
good thing they are nice to me here ;-)

the mr. took pictures of my first day of work
so i'll post those soon

as for the mr.

everyday working full time
even earlier mornings than the mrs.
only dresses businessy one day a week
still loving the ipad over the laptop
feeling much better after giving the mrs. his cold
same ol' mr. 

he thought he'd get a great break from med school stuff
yep, we're still going at it
this time it's secondary applications

the mr. is continually spending hours writing essays, filling out pointless info, and other such med school fun
so maybe summer break doesn't really exist when you are all grown
we'll find a way to continue the summer break just might have to be late at night ;-)

oh and our holiday weekend....
yeah it was perfect (expect for the being sick part)
and i'll post pictures from that too
you can tell i've been a working girl, no new posts 
hopefully i'll get the hang of things and figure out life while working!

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