Wednesday, June 1, 2011

oh just another wednesday

the ants are back!!!!!!

ahh i think i might just go crazy
we had a wonderful ant free month
only to find more little buggers fighting their way around our kitchen

oh well...
hopefully we know how to handle them this time

on another totally unrelated note...

tis the week for job interviews
i feel like i've been asked the "tell me about yourself" question way too many times
but this time around i'm feeling so much more confident going into the interviews
there are a few very exciting job opportunities out there
so lets hope something can work out
i think i'm ready to stop hanging out at home watching gilmore girls all day (haha well not all day...)

oh and look, the mr. took a picture of me in my interview attire
lets just say i love business-y clothes!


  1. And you look fantastic in business-y clothes! Good luck with the interviews.

  2. You are a babe!! love this outfit! also, your mexico pics were amazing, looks like you two had a blast!

  3. Your hair looks so CUTE!
    Good luck with your interviews girl!
    And I love gilmore girls. SO much!
    And I hate ants. SO much more. Yuck :(


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