Thursday, June 2, 2011

an update on the mr. and mrs.

here is an update on us...

the mr. continues to study...all the time
he takes the mcat in two weeks from today (oh my gosh is in order)
he has to study about 6 hours a day

to make it more exciting for him i made coupons for everyday he finishes his work

they all sit in a cute little basket (thank you easter) for him to choose one when he is done
too bad the weather has been bad that we haven't been able to do many of the outdoor activities!

as for me...
i've been job searching and working on finishing my last class 
i should be spending about 4 hours a day on homework (maybe next week i'll be better)

so that's our life for now until june 16th
study study study 

maybe after june 16th we'll actually have a life and be able to hung out with friends and such
maybe just maybe!

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