Friday, June 3, 2011

the lil' bro graduates today!

today is the lil' bros high school graduation

(isn't he a stud!)
jason is probably about the coolest kid that i know
he is super funny
way chill 
and awesome to hang out with 
and we're lucky enough to call him our little brother
congrats for graduating high school jason,
spence and i are so excited and proud of you
and some advice from us....

the best is yet to come
you'll have so much fun down at the y
so live it up and remember to have fun and go crazy
(because lets be honest...thats what freshman year is all about)
we can't wait to see where life takes you

congrats lil' brother! 

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  1. hey cute sydney sue... It was so fun to hear from you! and tell your mom I absolutely love her comments and miss her too :). I love seeing all of your pics. Mexico looked dreamy. You guys are the cutest couple! xoxo


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