Tuesday, June 7, 2011

just day dreaming....

sometimes when you get married and become super poor
you want to act like you aren't super poor and want to buy great big things

like me...
i wan to buy great things
like one of these....

and really one of these...
(love the green color)

and one of these....
(a house, not just a door)

so lets get back to reality....
we're poor newly weds applying for med school
looks like i get to wait 10 years of these things! 
a girl can still dream though!


  1. ooh, i love that green escape! (and the imac:) once you mac you don't go back.

  2. Uhh I totally know how you feel. Chris and I are always saying "one day when we have money..." haha. Oh being poor and newly married :)


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