Saturday, June 18, 2011

summer show lovin'

growing up summers were the best
i loved sleeping in,
doing nothing much all day,
playing with friends
and well all that summer includes

especially waking up and watching tv in my pjs
there are a few tv shows that make me think of summer

so this summer....
started not feeling like summer
but now,
i'm finished with school
still job searching
it's finally warm
and i have my mornings free

so it's officially summer for the mrs.
and guess what....
i went and dvr'd my traditional summer shows

here are a couple of my favorites....

saved by the bell
this was a staple summer show from as early as i can remember to all the way through high school
lets be honest, its actually a really lame show (as i'm finding out watching them again) but it still makes me think of summer and that i love

yes, dear
i started watching this one after my senior year of high school
again i watched in when i moved home after freshman year
this one makes me think of summers as a "grown up" and so again i started dvr'ing it just this week

the oc
so i got this one from my big brother
i never really got into this one but during my high school summers i would tivo it just to turn it on for the noise (i tend to do this with a lot of shows)
anyways again this one makes me think of summer,
maybe thats because the show takes place in cali on the beach

and so lets go to this summer....

i am still watching saved by the bell and yes, dear (mostly because i can't imagine a summer without them)
but now i add another few shows to my summer list...

house hunters, vacation homes
yep, i'm talking amazing vaca homes in the most beautiful places
this is a fun new one that will forever make me think of summer

so you think you can dance
and of course sytycd...its a summer show but i've never really watched it
i was always busy, vacas, efy, jerusalem, etc... that i never really got into it expect for youtube videos after the fact
well this year i started dvr'ing it and i love it!

so there you have it
welcome to summer!
what summer shows do you watch???


  1. Yes!! The OC is the PERFECT summer show!!
    And I love love LOVE sytycd! I'm so glad it's on again!

  2. i have been ADDICTED to bones lately. Also love: 24, LOST, Glee, Grey's Anatomy, Friends, and Seinfeld.


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