Friday, June 17, 2011

throw back vintage style

so a little while ago we went to a friends wedding
they had the most adorable vintage candy table
of course we filled up a big bag of fun candy and treats

well yesterday was some crazy day for the mr. and i
mr. took the mcat (he survived!)
and i went to job training (long story...)

anyways....when i got home we were both warn out, tired, minds going crazy etc...
we needed a do nothing night
and thats just what we had

starting with....

fun vintage treats.
remember those wax bottles filled with sugary juice?
well the mr. and never had one
so i made him throw a drink back ;-)

needless to say they tasted a lot better when you're 5
but it was still fun

i don't think the mr. will be drinking wax candy bottles anytime soon.....

now it's off to girls night
the mr. is camping with the guys and so we're celebrating the only way girls do!!!

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