Wednesday, June 15, 2011

so lucky

so this past month has been insane
for the mrs...
  • constant job search
  • countless resumes
  • way too many interviews
  • probably 100 "tell me about yourself"s
  • a 30 pages research paper
  • and worrying about the mr
for the mr.
  • mcat prep
  • med school appications
  • working
  • providing for a family
  • taking care of his little wife
well needless to say we've been super busy, more so than normal
during all of our busyness we kinda left the apartment go
and i mean really let it go
it was awful, clothes, dishes and papers everywhere

i was so completely overwhelmed that i called my mom
it took all i had to not cry when i asked her to come help me

my mom, being the angel that she is said of course

yesterday she showed up with her cleaning supplies and got to work
i was expecting just a tidy up....
nope, we got the royal treatment

thanks to my beautiful mother our apartment is the cleanest it's ever been
(expect for when we moved in and my mom cleaned it then too)

so mom,
thank you so much for saving your daughters sanity
i actually feel like i can breath and that spence has a nice place to relax before his test
you seriously saved me
thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to clean
(i know i'd rather be shopping)

i love you so much!

i'm a lucky daughter, that's all i can say!

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  1. your mother is the best. end of story. miss you.


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