Saturday, August 27, 2011

a birthday recap

a birthday celebration for the mr.
we had a blast celebrating all week

first was birthday dinner at our new favorite place
second was family boating day at the lake (they went late so we could join after work)
and finally we had a birthday bbq
(and tomorrow we get to celebrate with my much celebrating i love it)
i made the mr. a special cake with oreo frosting in the middle
i was really excited to use my new cake that's why there are so many pictures of the cake
the cute birthday sign my mom made
here is the cake before candles
see how happy the mr is
too bad the wind got the candles just seconds before spence got them
the all it's glory

maybe next birthday i'll get some pictures of the mr. opening presents
or him playing games
or him boating....

dang i missed the boat with the picture thing!
happy birthday mr.

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