Saturday, August 27, 2011

a much needed date night

date night...
i've been wanting to go to an outdoor movie all summer
we finally made it happen

the capitol was playing tangled so the mr. and i packed up some blankets and headed out
this was right about when it started raining
good thing it never turned into much
i was not leaving!
this is us...waiting for parks and mj to join us
we had great seats....
until a mean group of people came and set up lawn chairs and blocked out view
so we moved
gee thanks mean people for sitting right in front of two blanket seaters
mj and parks showed up and we ended up talking during the whole movie instead of really watching
but thats okay because that is more fun
look...that's the capitol behind us!
parks is great at posing for pictures.....or something like that
the cute newly weds
it was so much fun hanging out with these two!
and there she home for a couple of months
we really had the perfect summer date night
nothing beats watching movies outside with great friends

we're trying to enjoy as much summer as we can before it starts getting cold
and we're still plugging away with secondaries

a few more turned in yesterday and more today!
so proud of my mr.

on the schedule today: hang out in the sun...i think yes!

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  1. Sounds so FUN!!
    There is a drive in movie theater on redwood should totally go sometime. We LOVED it!


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