Monday, August 22, 2011

graduation oh yay!

graduation was great
playing the harp went much better than i expected
i wore my utah earrings for my grandpa
and it made me smile inside all day

it was a little unreal seating up on the stage looking out on all those people
funny how time seems to just fly
i remember my first day at byu so clearly
and there went my last fast...too fast

of course i would forget the memory card in my camera
luckily spencers talented photographer sister was there to save the day
so here are some pictures of the fun after graduation

love my and my mommy....and no she isn't taller she is just standing on a hill
me and my parents
thanks to them i had the best four years of my life
they supported me in everything that i did
and of course a fun cheek kissing...
sure love my cute smartie pants
all the heaton boys
i think my spence fits in nicely
us and my grandmas
it was so fun to have them there
and now just us...the graduates
who are now grow-ups in everywhere

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  1. Happy Graduation! Being done with school (if only temporarily) is a great feeling! Steve and I graduated together, and we loved it!


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