Wednesday, August 17, 2011

happy birthday mr.

it's my mr.'s birthday today
and i couldn't be more excited

today spence is 25 years old
he sure is growing up

and just like last year....
here are 25 things i love about my husband

and of course....some random facebook pictures

 and of course a mission picture
( strong) ;-)

  1. i love his smile
  2. i love that he knows something about everything
  3. i love how much of a hard worker he is
  4. i love that he always makes me laugh
  5. i love how he puts me first
  6. i love how he is around our sunbeams
  7. i love to see him play sports
  8. i love his deep conviction to the gospel
  9. i love his love for sport
  10. i love how much he cares for his family
  11. i love that he knows what is going on in the world
  12. i love his laugh
  13. i love his ability to think and learn
  14. i love his focus for med school
  15. i love that he always wear shorts....any time of the year
  16. i love that he picks out my clothes (and everyone loves my outfits when he does)
  17. i love his love for me
  18. i love that he loves planes
  19. i love his pride for byu (and his support for my ute pride)
  20. i love that he is my handy man
  21. i love that he will kill spiders for me
  22. i love the way he treats his grandparents
  23. i love that he loves ice cream (we always have time/money for ice cream)
  24. i love that he will play cards with me
  25. i love him for everything he is

happy birthday my mr.
i love you so stinkin much

let's celebrate tonight okay!


  1. Aw this is so sweet! Love the first picture of you two!

  2. CUTE post!! Happy Birthday to your Mr!


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