Thursday, August 11, 2011

the mr. and mrs. make it to one year....and more

for our first anniversary we decided to celebrate with a stay-cation
we stayed at the little america and play tourist for the weekend
we had so much fun....wanna see?
we ate tons
gotta love cafe rio take out
spence picked out the drinks!
after shopping and walking around down town we went for a drive through slc
we even stopped off at the U (thank you mr.)
and of course visited this beautiful place....where we were married one year earlier
excuse the double chin but here we are just chilling reading and relaxing
the mr. got me this beautiful watch to match my ring
it looks so much better in person
this is us all ready to hit up the pool....
and this is us going to the gym instead
the pool was taken over by rug rats
we decided to have a dressed up night....we matched instead
and our fancy dinner ended up being the pie hole
but it's okay because i loved it
i love that we didn't have to go to a fancy smancy place to celebrate
it's fun that we enjoy ourselves no matter where we are
and looky looky
i got the mr. and sweet new bike (with some help from the parentals to celebrate an early birthday)
his bike now lives with howie (my awesome bike) in our second room
look at the sweet mat black

we had such a blast celebrating the best year of our lives.
and i have a pretty good feeling things will just keep getting better

med school update

my smartie pants husband has now officially heard back from every school he applied to
they all want to get to know him more (and who wouldn't)
so now we are knee deep in secondaries (why didn't anybody tell me these were worse than the first)
we've turned a few in and are keeping at um

we also heard back from the university of rochester
and they invited my cute mr for an interview
so i guess it all begins

things are looking good on the med school side
let's just hope we can survive secondaries

graduation is tomorrow
and i'm playing the harp
in front of everyone
and my name is in the program
and yes i'm scared to death

wish me/us luck

and more....
best friends wedding was perfect
i have so many pictures to share
what a perfect day

life is just grand for the mr. and mrs.


  1. looks like you guys had fun!! nick and i stayed at the little america for our one year as well!! that hotel is great! i want to go back for a "stay-cation"

  2. That's sounds like the perfect anniversary! You two are just great. Happy Anniversary!

    Good luck with round two of med school stuff! And I have no doubt you will be great at the harp!

  3. Cool love it! Happy 1 year, marriage is so rewarding. :) Happy graduation too! Miss you! xoxo

  4. Yay!!! That is fantastic! What a FUN journey and way to go for your husband! If he does come out to Rochester to interview, I hope he'll stay with us. Trevor stayed with a BYU couple when he interviewed. It saved tons of $$ and he got the inside scoop. We'd love to have him and show him around (and we live 15 min from the airposrt). And you, too if you tag along!

    We've been here for 2 weeks and I'm seriously in love. I thought it would take awhile, but not so! It is FABULOUS. Best of luck with the rest of your applications/interviews:)


  5. Happy belated Anniversary!
    It looks like you two had the perfect weekend :) And I have been hearing all about the Pie...I REALLY want to try it!!
    Good luck to your Mr with all of his med school interviews!


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