Saturday, September 17, 2011

i love fall

this sentence has been on my mind all week
i think i've told my mr. about 100 times and am driving him nuts

the other day we went on a little bike ride
and i was a little cold
and it made me smile

i also just bought a lot of fall clothes
gotta love jcrew
fashion show at lunch anyone

and today we are doing full on fall things
1. going to the fair with best friends (this is something i am so so so excited about)
2. watching the byu vs. utah game with best friends (the mr. in blue..the mrs. in red)

so fall and so in love!!!!

don't worry...i post pictures soon!

happy fall!


  1. I LOVE FALL! However, where i live in arizona, we don't really get one. sad :( you'll have to wear some cute boots for me!

  2. mmm, i'm totally in love with fall too:) I'm so jealous you two are going to the fair! That will be SO much fun! And I am also excited to see your new j crew fall clothes, they always have the CUTEST stuff!!

    p.s. sadly, no we didn't get a dog. the pup in my picture is my mom and dad's! I'm totally working on convincing covey to let me get a puppy also:) any advice on how to convince husbands? I need some new strategies! haha.

  3. Oh I love fall too. Fall outside and fall at J.Crew. I've been spending lots of time (and too much money) there lately.

    Also, I just read your bio for your new job. You are great and it sounds so incredible!

    Yes, I'm in Salt Lake and I'd love to meet up for lunch!


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