Thursday, September 15, 2011

a real life bio

so i know i've talked about my job a lot
thats because i kinda love my job
which makes the whole working full-time pretty easy

something fun....i have a bio now
a legit bio on a legit webpage
check it out here....
and a pretty picture see...

boy do i love airbrush!!!

my title is kinda funny because i do a bunch of everything here
but my point...

i am so grateful for my job
i am so grateful to my mr. for being so supportive during the job search phase
i am so grateful for a loving heavenly father for helping me find this job

i think life has settled a little
i'm more adjusted to working full time
so hopefully i can blog least i hope so ;-)


  1. and I am so lucky you are my daughter!!!

  2. Love the bio. You are LEGIT! :) Btw, have you and Spencer ever gone mountain climbing or kayaking?? Ha ha. Where did that come from?

  3. I'm surprised it doesn't talk all about your qualifications as a nanny! Like how you are so good and running after crazy children, cleaning up their messes, changing dirty diapers, wiping sticky fingers, etc. Now THAT'S what I call qualified! hahahaha. Love you :)


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