Monday, November 28, 2011

medical school update!

a med school update for the family.....

we are now up to 8 interviews
we rejected one of them
so that makes 7

some fun places
check it...

ucsd-san diego
ut southwestern- dallas, tx
u of rochester - rochester, ny
u of u - utah of course
northwestern - chicago
dartmouth - hanover (where is that)
duke - durham, nc

i'm super proud of my mr.
and super excited to see where life takes us
it's fun to talk about where we are going to be next year

we haven't heard from any schools yet
which is a good thing but yet bad for my patience
so lets hope months and months of hard work will pay off (and we can hear back before christmas)

and lets be is expensive to keep flying across the country

wish the mr. luck on his next few interviews!!!

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