Thursday, December 1, 2011

the mr. and mrs. at a festival

of trees of course!
because maybe the mrs. has never been
and the mr. wanted to help make the holiday's special

spence and i decided on doing a 12 days of christmas
we are on a tight budget for presents this year (yay for saving for med school)
so we wanted to spend time celebrating the season a little bit at a time

today was day 2 of our 12 days of christmas (we have to separate them out through the month)
i had never been to the festival of trees
mr. loves the festival of trees
and i guess i love it now too!

a cute sewing tree and a tangled ginger bread house
i should have gotten a picture of the amazing quilt and wreath next to this tree
a book tree of course and a candy cane tree
love the reading glasses
my favorite tree and the up tree.
this was my favorite because of the great color and huge ornaments (i love the big ones stuffed in the tree!)
there were a lot of "up" themed things...wreaths, trees, ginger bread houses
all fun!
and of course us...
i forgot my camera (love the phone camera)
and i forgot to take pictures of us inside
but lets be honest....
i was having too much fun to think about a picture of us

thanks mr. for a great night
i loved watching the cute little girls dance
and bringing back memories of my dancing years
i loved picked up our favorite trees
and walking around holding your hand

i love christmas time

next up for our 12 days of christmas....
christmas book night! can't wait!!!

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  1. We go the the Festival of Trees every year. Even though is gets super crowded, I love hearing some of the stories behind the trees.

    I LOVE that you got a picture of the UP tree. That was one of my favorites!


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