Tuesday, November 22, 2011

the mrs. went shopping

i love to shop
when i was little my family used to tease me that my first words were
"charge it"

thanks to my mom and grandma i learned the beauty in a shopping bag
just to give you an idea....

in jr. high and high school i started a collection of shopping bags
at one point i had over 100 bags

sadly before i went to jeru my mom made me clear out my collection
(i still think it would have been cool to have the bags 20 yrs down the road...)

anyways...to my point
i love to shop
and the other day i got to shop a ton
and i mean a ton

i think i spent more in one hour than i ever had

but it wasn't for me

you see my cute mother in law hates to shop
so the other day i did some major shopping for her

the mr. didn't love it as much as i did
but good news...

mom loved some of the things i picked out
i loved putting together outfits

so if anyone needs a personal shopper out there....
i'm your girl

this one was my personal favorite and one i wish i could buy for myself

so now you know something random about the mrs.

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