Tuesday, November 15, 2011

time for a birthday post

the mr. and i have been celebrating for what seems like a week now
i didn't take a ton of pictures but here is what i've got...
first was birthday dinner with the parents at a fun spanish place
next was dinner...again! this time with just the mr. and me
at a fancy pancy place
not the best picture but of well
next...a lot of cuddle time watching movies
and of course check out that quilt
thanks to my beautiful mother in law we have this incredible quilt
more about that later
classic birthday picture
meet the nov. birthdays
mom, me, grandma, sister, and now baby niece
we had a big birthday dinner and just loved being together
and of  course i had to show off my cute niece.
she is so much fun to watch and hold

my birthday ended with another dinner (no pictures) with the b. family
we had so much fun together

thanks family for making my day so great
thanks friends for all the birthday wishes
i'm older and wiser...well lets hope so!


  1. Nothing better then a whole birthday week! So glad that you had such a fun one!

  2. Glad you had a good Beeday! Those pictures with you and little Lainey are to die for :)


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