Monday, January 2, 2012

a clean start

the mr. and i cleaned up, packed up, and shipped out (to our parents house)
boxes of decorations and mostly stuff we don't need

basically we spent the day spring cleaning our apartment
plus add 10 loads of laundry to that day = a hard working day for the barfuss family

it was just what we needed
we have a new fresh apartment for the new fresh year
it might not look like much but lets be honest....
you couldn't really walk into our second room

now it is all put together to make the perfect crafting room
(plus a bike storage room)

thanks parents for letting us store all of our extra junk at your place
our sanity thanks you

after dropping off our things the mr. and i put on our jazz jerseys 
sat in our clean family room
folded some laundry 
and enjoyed the first of 2012

how grateful i am for my mr.
for putting up with my need to clean

sometimes when you are sad cleaning sure makes things better (at least for me it does!)

so here is to 2012
and hopefully at good jazz season

what did you do on your day off?

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  1. We were cleaning machines today too! I feel the pain of a second bedroom nightmare. Can we meet up for dinner this weekend?


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