Thursday, January 5, 2012

a new look

i don't know what it is about the new year but something just makes me want to redo our apartment in bright colors
and add pink to everything

valentines day maybe?
or maybe because it feels like spring in utah so we should have bright colors?

either i want to go shopping and i want to change our apartment around
new furniture anyone? or old furniture i can diy???


  1. Haha Mrs. have fun shopping, but easy on the pink, alright? Deal.

  2. Syd! I've been wanted to add pink to everything too! haha I told my Mr. that I'm going to decorate for Valentines really early!

  3. I have honestly thought that someday, when money isn't an option, I will look at a magazine page and say, "make my living room like this one!" Some day... You have such good decorating tastes!

    Quick question, would you and Spencer be available to watch the kids overnight on April 16 & 17?

  4. Have fun shopping! You can definitely make your old furniture different with new DIY ideas! :)

    Come enter the give away I'm having today! ;)


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