Tuesday, March 13, 2012

big city it is

so two posts in one day....you can tell i'm not with my mr. 
so...it's not offical yet but it's looking pretty likely that the mr. and i will be in chicago for the next four years
i'm excited
i'm scared
but still so excited

northwestern is an incredible school
couldn't be more proud of spence
chicago is a beautiful city
but yet so expensive

so i need your help
do you know anybody in chicago?
we're trying to find a good place to live
we're hoping for a one bedroom
but we might be studio apartmenting it
(and kinda excited about that) 

we'll let you know if things change but as for right now
just call the mr. and mrs. city slickers!!!!


  1. hey cutie! So you still in DC?! I don't know if you knew but we live here! I'm sure you're busy but next time you're here let us know!
    Also- my older brother Brady lives in Chicago and he would be happy to help you with things. Email me and we can chat!

  2. Hey syd! I think there is a good chance Josh and I Will be headed out to chicago too!


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