Sunday, April 22, 2012

a good weekend

friday we did date night outside
it was the perfect refreshing evening
we spent some time walking around beautiful temple square
people watching
looking at flowers
and taking pictures
all things on my favorites list

 the mr. got mad at me for taking his picture....who knows why. he should be used to this by now!
 gotta love the awkward self portrait
one of these day's i'll master it.....or maybe not

we strolled on over to city creek and enjoyed even more people watching, window shopping and dinner.

i had to keep myself entertained by taking pictures while the mr. took so long eating his sandwich ;-)
but seriously...isn't he the cutest.

we spent the rest of the night hanging out with family
catching up on life
and watching "tangled"

saturday we spent some time at the gop state convention (awesome as always)
made some returns (money in the bank baby!)
watched the jazz
and basically just enjoyed being together

this weekend was just what we needed after our rough week.

hope you enjoyed your weekend! 
i have so many posts i need to do...
best friends wedding, pinterest successes, chicago  trip and the like! 
one day i'll catch up on day!


  1. Chicago, Chicago! Tell me all about Chicago! I'm soooo excited for you guys!

  2. you two are so stinkin cute! i cant get enough of it!

  3. You two are so dang cute!! so happy I found your blog!!


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