Friday, April 20, 2012

this week

it's been one of those weeks. you know the ones...i've been up and down, super sad, a little angry, and mostly just numb. i've come to appreciate weeks like these. they help me grow stronger and especially grow closer to my heavenly father.

last night was rough. i was spent, emotionally and physically. my poor husband had to watch as i aggressively mopped our kitchen floor while bawling. somehow taking my pain and sadness out on our dirty floor did the trick.

life is not perfect. it is not always happy, sunny and pleasant. but these moments of sadness, struggle and pain is what makes us grow stronger. i truly believe that every trial that is placed in our lives is meant to help us grow and learn. i just pray that i learn the things i'm supposed to learn.

today is a fresh start. a chance to look back on this week and realize...i made it through one day at a time. i didn't break. i was and am able to rely on my heavenly father to strengthen me and lift me up. i have a loving husband who will hold his wife as she slowly says goodbye to the pain one tear at a time.

so here's to this week. you were hard, painful, and sad. but it's friday. a new day. a new chance to learn and grow. i made it through. i relied on prayer, faith, and love. thank you sweet husband for holding me close. thank you heavenly father for holding me even closer.

today is a good day

(i drove to work this week under the comfort of my blanket, most days in tears. today i drove without the is a good day)

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  1. it's really nice to read this.

    i thought you had seemed sadder this week... and this all makes sense!!

    you are a beautiful person syd!!! i love you!


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