Wednesday, April 25, 2012

a letter to the mr.

my dearest husband,

thank you for taking care of your wife.
thank you for not getting upset that with me that i had to wake up so early (two days in a row now)
when i was worried that my little alarm wouldn't make me up
you offered your alarm
when i said i'd sleep on your side of the bed to turn off the alarm
you wouldn't let me, you know i love my side of the bed
when the alarm went off this morning super early
you simply turned it off and helped me get out of bed
when i came  back to bed after starting the meeting
you cuddled up right next to me
you know that's the only way i can really fall asleep
when i wanted to stay in bed just a little bit longer
you kissed my forehead and told me you loved me

thanks for being the best husband in the world
you are my everything

your mrs.

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  1. So sweet! If you ever want to share your wedding on my blog, send me an email! I'd love to feature your gorgeous wedding!


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