Thursday, April 26, 2012

the mr. and mrs. are moving...again

oh hey there
why yes we are moving...again

the mr. and i have decided to move in with my parentals for the next 3 months to save some money
turns out we save quiet a bit (which is a beautiful thing for our savings account)
but we decided to move for more reasons then just saving money

we're getting down to the wire on our time in the good ol' beehive state
lets be honest...i'm going to miss home a ton
so for the next 3 months we're going to be closer to family
to really enjoy our last little while here

i feel like we've moved a ton...3 places in a year and a half...yeah that's a bit
thanks to our great families who willingly sign up to help us each time

i think we'll start the packing and cleaning process tomorrow and this weekend
with all my moves in the past few years i've learned a few tricks
(also thanks to my mom for her helpful tips)
hopefully this time it will go a lot smoother

so here's to one more location before moving out of utah
things are really moving along for med school
reality is slowing hitting us...and we're excited (for the most part!)

oh joy for moving day


  1. Saturday! Saturday! Saturday! I get to see you on Saturday! Also, have you guys found a place in Chicago yet? This is a question that could wait for Saturday...except I'm impatient and want to know everything.

  2. Moving is not my favorite. We've been married for almost 8 years and have moved 7 times. Best of luck with the move. I think it is smart to save money and have some great family time!


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